Virtual Light Lab 3

Virtual Light Lab 3 is the latest version of the popular software from West Side Systems. Point and click operation provides a simple and fast user interface for exploring many aspects of lighting including; highlight, shaddow, color, intensity and movement.

A new studio window expands on the orignal VLL2 features with 70 mounting positions, new color libraries, a favorite color palette, new patterns and plug-in model libraries. The new stage window places multiple lighted models on a virtual stage with cyc, backgrounds and scrims. Stage pictures can be recorded, sequenced and played back using timed transitions.

Virtual Light Lab demos
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Macintosh version
Windows version


wSeventy lighting positions including footlights and box booms
wOver 500 colors including cxi color mixing
wBreakups and linear gobos
wplug-in models
wpainting of models
wbeam angle display
wfast image rendering
weasy to learn and use
wComposite display of multiple studio looks
wStock and custom background
wBoth top and bottom cyc lighting

wPlan sequence of stage looks
wProgram timing of cued sequences

wPlayback of script
wPresentation of used effects


Cost to upgrade to VLL3 Cost for full version of VLL3
Single copy: $89
Student copy: $49
Site license: $49/cpu
Individual copy: $239
Student copy: $149
Site (1st four): $599
   additional: $100
   unlimited: $1,750

Where to Buy

Contact your preferred dealer of theatrical supplies who is an ESTA member or contact us directly at 1-800-877-2334.

How to upgrade

Owners of Virtual Light Lab version 1 or 2 can upgrade to version 3. Upgrades can only be purchased directly from Future Light. The upgrade is available for registered licensed users upon verification of a vaild serial number. Please call us at 1-800-877-2334 to order your upgrade.